Restaurant Pager System Usage – Improving The Atmosphere And Profits Of Your Restaurant!

If you own or manage a busy restaurant and do not yet use a restaurant pager system for seating and serving your guests, you may want to consider the benefits a restaurant pager system can bring to your establishment. Consider the following situation and see if it sounds familiar. On a weekend night, an elegant restaurant that usually has a peaceful and quiet atmosphere during the week is loud and chaotic at times due to the large crowds and numbers of people standing around at the front door waiting for a table. If you own or manage a restaurant, you know that this is a good problem to have because it means that business is good. But problems can arise when guests continually ask the host or hostess if a table is ready yet or if their name has been called yet because maybe they didn’t hear. People may wait impatiently for a little while and then leave irritated because the restaurant was too noisy and crowded, or leave angry because they feel forgotten. Both the restaurant patrons and the restaurant servers can feel stressed, which can turn a place that is supposed to be an enjoyable one into a hostile environment, resulting in the loss of business, the loss of valuable employees, and the loss of restaurant profits. With a restaurant pager system a lot of these problems can be greatly reduced, or even eliminated. A restaurant pager system involves the use of pagers given to guests and/or the use of pagers by the restaurant staff to communicate with each other. Many restaurants have started using a restaurant pager system and have seen great results, and also received positive feedback from their guests. There are a number of reasons why restaurant guests like the restaurant pager system. Many guests appreciate that the restaurant hosts have provided the freedom and privacy that the guest pager allows. Because a lot of restaurant pager systems feature pagers with a range between 1-2 miles by using a powerful frequency (UHF 420-470 Mhz) that will penetrate walls, ceilings and structures, guests aren’t limited to a small waiting area. Even if they have a possible 1 hour wait for their table, they are less inclined to dine elsewhere when given a pager. Perhaps the restaurant is located in a mall and there are nearby shops where the guests can browse while they wait. Maybe the restaurant is at a casino and while the guests wait for their table they can try their luck at the slot machines or a nearby blackjack table. Sitting in a quiet area away from the crowded restaurant entrance is very appealing as well. When the table is ready, the guests are alerted by the vibrating and flashing coaster they were given by the host or hostess, and then they can make their way back into the restaurant to be seated. The restaurant pager system makes for a quieter atmosphere in the restaurant as it eliminates long lines and the need to call out names of the guests. Restaurant guests feel well taken care of and happy that those in charge of the restaurant felt it was important enough to go the extra mile to provide this service to make the waiting and dining experience more pleasurable. Another aspect of the restaurant pager system that benefits both guest and kitchen/wait staff is the server pager system. Kitchen staff can page servers when food is hot and ready so the guests receive the best quality meal and service. The restaurant pager system helps provide a more efficient work environment leading to both a better working experience for the staff and a better dining experience for the guests. Happy returning guests that tell their family and friends about their pleasant experience at your restaurant, and employees that have an effective and efficient work environment where they have tools to help them provide the best service for their guests are keys for a flourishing and profitable business. As you can see, some of the most important areas of the restaurant business, retaining customers as well as valuable employees by providing the most pleasant atmosphere for dining and working can be greatly improved with a restaurant pager system.