The Emerald Restaurant in Austin Texas

Find a wee bit of Ireland in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Discover that Irish food is more than Irish Stew and Guiness. Imagine a cottage that could have been picked from the emerald fields of Ireland. Now transport an entire Irish family with it and you have this warm quaint little restaurant set in the Texas hill country.

On my last trip to Austin, Texas I stopped in on my favorite restaurant – The Emerald Restaurant. Imagine a cottage that could have been picked from the emerald fields of Ireland. Now transport an entire Irish family with it and you have this warm quaint little restaurant set in the Texas hill country.

Start with some warm homemade bread and rich hand- churned butter, in a variety of flavors. Choose from an extensive wine list, loaded with your favorite vintages. Then sample their onion soup which has been poured into a whole onion and gently laid over a sumptuous stuffing. Gently pierce the bottom of the onion so that it gradually moistens the stuffing as you sip your soup. Then dive on in.

For your main course the monkfish in a gentle mustard sauce accompanied by a mound of fresh vegetables and laid over even more of their homemade stuffing is one of my favorites. Or a stuffing and bing cherry-stuffed duck drizzled with a rich cherry sauce will have you moaning with delight.

Then finish off with their freshly baked whisky cake or mouth watering zabaglione. And cap off your evening with an Irish coffee that is out of this world.

How to Open a Restaurant – Avoid These Common and Simple Mistakes Made by Most New Restaurant Owners

Do you know why most restaurants fail? The reason is that they believe if the food is good, success will just be a step away. This is a wring concept and most people are misguided by thinking this way. Now, you are a little excited about opening your own restaurant, but in all this excitement, do not forget to make a reality check on your complete project. You do have a good vision to succeed but do you have a clue about how to open a restaurant? No, you do not have a correct understanding about the real business that gets into opening a restaurant. This lack of understanding will make you a complete failure in your attempt; if you want to succeed then read on to avoid the common mistakes. A particular saying in the business world is that you must have 3 important things for your business they are location, location and location. It is true that a good location is a great investment and boon for any business, but that alone is not a guarantee of your success. Do you know that there are a lot of restaurant in “not so great places” that are a huge success. Location is a big factor but it is not the only factor that you should consider while opening a restaurant. The poor business practice can also lead to the downfall of a restaurant and I am sure you would want to avoid it. Another common mistake that most people do when thinking about how to open a restaurant is that they fail to draw a fair cost for each recipe placed on menu. The problem here is that they do not draw a fair cost of every recipe and then chalk out the basic charges on the items. These people set the prices of the items on the gut feeling and what they believe that the customers would shell out. These kinds of restaurateurs do not know the actual cost of the items on their menu. You have to first look at the budget of the restaurant; you will be amazed to see the amount spend on the food. This is what you will have to control and if you are unable to control this aspect of your business then your business is traveling down the wrong path. If you want to be successful about how to open a restaurant then you will have to price your food items on the menu correctly. The pricing should be moderate and must also help you earn profits. The key here is to avoid setting high prices. The last problem is customer service. Yes, this is also the biggest problem of the restaurant industry today. You must know that you will not be able to make everybody happy. There will always be people who complain about a certain recipe, while others might tell you that this is the prize winning recipe of your restaurant. Always remember that your customers are the breath of life of your restaurant. They are the reason why on the first place you are thinking about how to open a restaurant. Keep these simple issues in mind when you are thinking about how to open a restaurant!

Restaurant Pager System Usage – Improving The Atmosphere And Profits Of Your Restaurant!

If you own or manage a busy restaurant and do not yet use a restaurant pager system for seating and serving your guests, you may want to consider the benefits a restaurant pager system can bring to your establishment. Consider the following situation and see if it sounds familiar. On a weekend night, an elegant restaurant that usually has a peaceful and quiet atmosphere during the week is loud and chaotic at times due to the large crowds and numbers of people standing around at the front door waiting for a table. If you own or manage a restaurant, you know that this is a good problem to have because it means that business is good. But problems can arise when guests continually ask the host or hostess if a table is ready yet or if their name has been called yet because maybe they didn’t hear. People may wait impatiently for a little while and then leave irritated because the restaurant was too noisy and crowded, or leave angry because they feel forgotten. Both the restaurant patrons and the restaurant servers can feel stressed, which can turn a place that is supposed to be an enjoyable one into a hostile environment, resulting in the loss of business, the loss of valuable employees, and the loss of restaurant profits. With a restaurant pager system a lot of these problems can be greatly reduced, or even eliminated. A restaurant pager system involves the use of pagers given to guests and/or the use of pagers by the restaurant staff to communicate with each other. Many restaurants have started using a restaurant pager system and have seen great results, and also received positive feedback from their guests. There are a number of reasons why restaurant guests like the restaurant pager system. Many guests appreciate that the restaurant hosts have provided the freedom and privacy that the guest pager allows. Because a lot of restaurant pager systems feature pagers with a range between 1-2 miles by using a powerful frequency (UHF 420-470 Mhz) that will penetrate walls, ceilings and structures, guests aren’t limited to a small waiting area. Even if they have a possible 1 hour wait for their table, they are less inclined to dine elsewhere when given a pager. Perhaps the restaurant is located in a mall and there are nearby shops where the guests can browse while they wait. Maybe the restaurant is at a casino and while the guests wait for their table they can try their luck at the slot machines or a nearby blackjack table. Sitting in a quiet area away from the crowded restaurant entrance is very appealing as well. When the table is ready, the guests are alerted by the vibrating and flashing coaster they were given by the host or hostess, and then they can make their way back into the restaurant to be seated. The restaurant pager system makes for a quieter atmosphere in the restaurant as it eliminates long lines and the need to call out names of the guests. Restaurant guests feel well taken care of and happy that those in charge of the restaurant felt it was important enough to go the extra mile to provide this service to make the waiting and dining experience more pleasurable. Another aspect of the restaurant pager system that benefits both guest and kitchen/wait staff is the server pager system. Kitchen staff can page servers when food is hot and ready so the guests receive the best quality meal and service. The restaurant pager system helps provide a more efficient work environment leading to both a better working experience for the staff and a better dining experience for the guests. Happy returning guests that tell their family and friends about their pleasant experience at your restaurant, and employees that have an effective and efficient work environment where they have tools to help them provide the best service for their guests are keys for a flourishing and profitable business. As you can see, some of the most important areas of the restaurant business, retaining customers as well as valuable employees by providing the most pleasant atmosphere for dining and working can be greatly improved with a restaurant pager system.

Top Restaurants in Austin, Texas

You don’t have to look hard to find incredible restaurants in Austin, Texas. Whether you’re looking for a fine dining experience or want something authentic Tex Mex, Austin has it for you. If you think Austin dining is all about staying local, think again. Some of the top restaurants boast world class cuisine and nationally recognized chefs. If you want an incredible restaurant experience, give one of these top 10 restaurants a try.

1. Uchi

This contemporary Japanese cuisine restaurant topped the Austin Chronicle’s Reader’s choice poll in 2009 and has been part of the top 10 for several years. By combining local ingredients and imported seafood, the kitchen prepares unique and exciting flavor combinations based on traditional Japanese food menu items.


FINO offers a unique blend of Mediterranean food that brings in influences from Italy, Morocco and Athens. Their appetizers can’t be missed (they were voted into the top 10 twice in the last two years by Austin Chronicle readers). The gorgeous décor in the restaurant is backdrop to their great tapas and paella.

3. Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill

Moonshine is the most affordable option on this list yet, with prices around $25 to $30 per person. It has been a Reader’s favorite since its debut in 2005 and won the Critic’s Best Porcine Lollipop in 2009. Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill features a general American menu with a Texas kick. The bar offers unique cocktails and great beer, so be sure to arrive early if you’re eating in the evening. Try to macaroni and cheese which will make you regret every pre-packaged blue box you ever made.

4. Eddie V’s Prime Seafood

This popular seafood restaurant has two locations, one of Fifth Street and one on 44th near the Arboretum. The Florida stone-crab claws, oysters on the half-shell and crab-cakes are the main attractions, but the seafood menu is vast. It’s been a Reader’s favorite since it one Favorite New Restaurant in 2001.

5. parkside

In the Reader’s favorite list for the last two years, parkside is a bistro and bar that you need a big appetite for. The appetizers are great for carnivores and veggie lovers alike. There are savory selections as well as incredible raw appetizer treats. The raw oysters and cocktails both got a Best of Austin award in 2008.


Debuting in 2001, ASTI is one of the most awarded restaurants on this list. In 2004 it swept the Critic’s awards in the Austin Chronicle’s Restaurant Poll. The theme at ASTI is Italian but expect higher quality and more variety than you’d find at your run of the mill chain Italian place. Mixing Italian food with California cuisine has worked out great for ASTI and their fans.

7. Manuel’s

Manuel’s has two locations to bring its excellent Mexican food to Austin residents and visitors. It’s friendly and casual restaurant, with a patio and live-music for Sunday brunch. Be sure to try to chile relleno and the seviche.

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Austin Restaurants – 3 Popular Tex-Mex Restaurants in Austin Texas

Researching a vacation to Austin Texas? Don’t forget to add Austin restaurants to your Austin Things To Do List. The city has a wealth of dining choices, and you’re going to need plenty of fuel to see everything Austin has to offer.

In the Tex-Mex category, you have a number of options. Here are 3 popular and established Austin Tex-Mex restaurants:

Baby Acapulco – also known as Baby A’s. There are five separate Baby Acapulco locations scattered throughout Austin, three of which are known for their bright, neon-painted exteriors. The menu here offers plenty of choices and both the salsa and the food are above average. Popular items include the tortilla soup (known as the Famous Baby A’s Soup) as well as the shrimp fajitas. There are also a wide assortment of margaritas, most notably the Purple Margarita. The Purple Margarita is powerful – customers are limited to just two (and please don’t drive if you’ve had ANY).

El Arroyo – El Arroyo (or “The Ditch” in Spanish – the original restaurant near downtown Austin sits over a drainage ravine) is another long time local Tex-Mex favorite. There is a second location located in west Austin, but if you only have time for one meal at El Arroyo, be sure to eat at the original location on W. 5th Street. The food here is almost always well above average and it’s a great place to experience that laid back Austin environment. Be sure to check out the letterboard sign out front – the humorous, topical, and sometimes controversial messages are updated daily.

Chuy’s – Arguably the most popular of all of Austin’s Tex-Mex restaurants, Chuy’s is another establishment with multiple locations. In this case, there are four separate locations in Austin and a few others statewide. An Austin Texas tradition since 1982, the original Chuy’s is located right next to Austin’s popular and premiere public park, Zilker Park. Chuy’s is both quirky and kitschy – if you like an ironic and tacky dining experience that involves lots of Elvis, lots of hubcaps, and lots of little hand carved wooden fish from Mexico, you’ll love Chuy’s. The menu here won’t win any awards (at least it shouldn’t), and there’s usually a wait, but if you want an authentic Austin experience, Chuy’s is a good place to start.

While Austin Texas does have its share of national chain establishments, there are more than enough individual and family owned and operated Austin restaurants to provide visitors and locals alike all the authentic dining experiences they could ever ask for.

Tips to Take Your Restaurant Business to the Next Level

All successful restaurateurs have one thing in common. The ability to foresee the future of their businesses. This ability enables them to occupy a carve a special niche for themselves.

Here are some tips that you follow to compete in the market and grow your food business.

Stay Focused on Your Goals

With consistent focus on your goals, you can take your business to the next level in no time. Goals enable you to have a clear focus and keep a track on your progress. They help you push the lines of your comfort zone and take calculated risks. Constant dedication and perseverance will enable you to reap great dividends in the future.

Garner new Clients and Tap the Old Ones

Tapping your potential customers can greatly help you grow your eatery. It will allow you to have a regular source of income, and establish your business as reckoned name in the market. You should endeavor to interact with your customers on a frequent basis apart from from providing high-grade food items. Do not hesitate to ask for feedback from your customers.Do not ignore customer complaints. PAy heed to them, and try to fix those issues on time.

Use Your Resources Cautiously

Your resources are the strength of your restaurant business. You should be very calculative in utilizing them. You need to have a foolproof plan when it comes to resource utilization. It will allow you to use them in the best possible manner without having any waste.

Never Stop Learning

You cannot deny the fact that there is always something to learn, no matter what you have achieved till date. Continuous learning will enhance your trade skills further. You can participate in a short-term culinary or management courses in order to add more value to your business. If you do not have the required time to learn in a traditional classroom setting, you can choose the online mode of learning.

Make Strategies to Enhance Your Productivity

Your productivity should keep enhancing with due course of time. After a couple of months, you are likely to find the daily business tasks boring and monotonous, however you should not lack interest and compromise with the quality of your work. Doing your regular tasks on time will help you run your business smoothly.

Keep Yourself in Tune with Advanced Technologies

You know that technology has a lot to do with the success of your restaurant business. As a small business-owner, you should keep abreast of the latest technology that you can use in your food business. It will help you keep pace with the changing dynamics of the market. Furthermore, it will also enable you to take wise decisions and save time, money and other resources.

Additionally, you should also consider changing your marketing tactics from time to time if you are to cope with the changing tastes and demands of your customers. Try to innovate new marketing techniques and apply them dexterously. But make sure that your marketing strategies are in compliance with the current market scenario. In case, you need more financial resources to expand your restaurant, you can take SBA restaurant business loans, provided you should have a good credit score.

Crave Kitchen and Bar – Few Good Restaurants In El-Paso Texas

There are various restaurants and eat-outs in the world that we cannot even count, all of them are offering scrumptious food in the most economical rates for the customers. However, some people are still looking forward to munch over food that is cooked with pure hygiene and the most reliable ingredients to save themselves from getting encountered with obesity and weight issues accordingly.

It should be in our best interest that not all restaurants have the tendency to control ultimate fat-accelerating ingredients in the food and much more. Therefore, it is our responsibility to check on the kitchen department or read reviews before heading out to such food joints with friends and families. The good restaurants are unbelievably hard are to find, that are blending scrumptiousness with hygiene for the customers.

However, a new restaurant called ‘Crave Kitchen and Bar’ seems to be turning heads for the same aspect as these people have mastered the art of generating scrumptiousness along with health-blooming ingredients for the customers. It has been observed that such a restaurant has experienced a massive turnaround of the foodies since last five months and it’s probably because of its pro-longed menu along with an achievement for ‘The Best Breakfast Joint’ from various food sources around the world.

It should be in our best interest that this place is full of certified and experienced chefs who are always on the go to produce something out of the ordinary for the foodies, whether it’s the blueberry pancakes or egg and bread breakfast. The menu has been divided into three different modes with one specifically composed for the ‘kids’. Furthermore, this restaurant is already being labelled as the few good restaurants in EL-PASO, Texas, because of its fine-dining area and a suitable ambiance to munch over some freshly cooked food. There is definitely something special going on about ‘Crave Kitchen and Bar’ as it offers more than 70 different variations of beer and other beverages with mouth-watering desserts for people having a sweet tooth. This restaurant is located in the heart of Texas and has an official website with full menu shared for the customers.

Make reservations now and cherish with some pure American-styled food along with world-class desserts and chilled beverages to complete our cravings for the food. This restaurant exhibits a suitable location and has a great online presence in order to check on the menu and prices accordingly. Visit ‘Crave Kitchen and Bar’ to experience scrumptiousness blended with hygiene.

Texas Roadhouse Coupons

Texas Roadhouse is a chain that started in 1993 from Clarksville, Indiana. The main theme of this family restaurant is to make it place for everyone to come together, irrespective of their age and have a scrumptious meal, have great fun at affordable prices.
The chain has now spread all over the United States of America and is now even looking for franchises in Europe and Asia.
Texas Roadhouse Services
It is famous for its hand-cut steaks, fall-off-the-bone-ribs, and an amazing fresh array of sides and bread that is baked fresh. Beer and Margaritas are also on the menu. To add to the meal, the fun and entertainment is very much part of the charm of a Roadhouse restaurant. Line dancing and the jukebox add to the Western Charm and homely feel. Local specials are also available for visitors to enjoy.
Latest Roadhouse Coupons and Promo Codes
Promotional Coupons and Codes are now being made available to visitors interested in Texas roadhouse. These coupons give discounts or special offers for families, individuals, as well as kids. These discounts at times, even include freebies of sides or drinks. There are special days that are celebrated and roadhouse coupons and promo codes can be used to avail these special offers.
Coupon and promotional discounts may vary from dollar 5 to Dollar 25 or discounts may be in the form of attractive combinations of dishes. To attract new and old customers and to keep the inflow going, Texas Roadhouse comes up with different schemes regularly. Some are tied up with days like the Veteran Day or some are for the weekend or for Special days.
The latest Texas Roadhouse coupons and promotional codes are available over the Internet or through magazines and newspapers. These coupons can be bought at discounted rates or can be free. A visitor may be required to carry a print out of the coupon or the physical coupon and declare it before dining. This will ensure that our staff gives you the right guidance in terms of discounts and offers.
While purchasing these coupons it is wise to do a good research or visit trusted sites so that the validity of the Roadhouse coupons and promotional codes is not questionable.

There are valid sites like our site that offer great and valid discount coupons to ensure that you have a great evening at the Texas Roadhouse.

Bringing Out Your Personality With Custom Homes in North Texas

It’s a given that you or your husband may not know the first thing about construction, but that’s why you need to utilize notable concrete construction services of Texoma and concrete services in North Texas in the first place. You hire the services of competent professionals so they can build your house according to your needs and specifications.

Your family is finally going to have a new house, and you’re so excited about it. In fact, it’s taking all your willpower not to jump with glee like what your toddler little girl is prone to do, but you have to admit that’s not very easy to do. And why would that be the case? Well, simply because owning your very own house is a major milestone for your family, one that you hope will be followed by many others. But you’re going way ahead of yourself already.

Here’s the scenario: you’ve been living in a modestly simple two-bedroom apartment in the outskirts of the city until now, and that’s perfectly okay. After all, you and your husband have never been brimming with intense desire to climb up the corporate ladder, and your choices of career reflect that. You work as a cashier in a grocery store while he’s as a science teacher in a local high school. Nothing fancy, of course, but your combined income is enough to meet your family’s needs and occasionally splurge in simple indulgences – like an outing to the beach or dinner at a nice restaurant – and that’s enough. On the contrary, it’s not just enough; you feel absolutely blessed.

But then again, you also have to take into consideration that your children are growing up so fast, and changes are definitely in order. Your little boy is seven, very stubborn, strong willed, and determined. Your three year old daughter, on the other hand, is sweet, carefree, and thoughtful. You and your husband know that it would just be a matter of time when they would refuse to share a room already. Looking at them, it doesn’t take a genius to discern the time is definitely in the foreseeable future – in less than a year, to be exact.

So as parents bracing yourselves for the challenge, you used your evenings after the children have been put to bed to take about your finances. It took several months of home bookkeeping, salary accounting, and research on loans and mortgage, before you felt you were ready to take on that first step to becoming future homeowners. The journey has been considerably harder than either of you bargained for, but you’re not about to back down. This is for your children, after all, and for them you’d do absolutely anything.

Since you’re already putting your best foot forward, isn’t it just sensible to make sure your house turns out to be the best it can be? That’s where quality north Texas concrete construction and commercial construction in Texoma come into the picture. It’s a given that you or your husband may not know the first thing about construction, but that’s why you need to utilize notable concrete construction services of Texoma and concrete services in North Texas in the first place.

You hire the services of competent professionals so they can build your house according to your needs and specifications. Take into consideration how much you can afford and what you can do with that. Then be creative and let your personality shine. It’s your house, after all.

Choose the Best Restaurant Food Suppliers

A restaurant is a place where people spend time quality time socializing with their family, friends or their business associates for meetings from the premises of their job location. The success of these restaurants is evaluated by the number of customers visited in a day and the amount of people that come back to dine. Qualiities that make up successful food businesses include those that offer friendly, quality service. In today’s environment, a restaurants, food trucks, hotels, and other dining establishments must offer needs quality food products to serve their guests which include tastier and healthy dishes.

If you are a restaurant owner, you should partner with a reliable and trusted Restaurant Food Suppliers to guarantee the best quality food products ranging from center cut meal options to vegetarian entrees to assist your food service to be more competitive, profitable, and successful.

There are many food suppliers operating in the United States but very few that offer personalized service no matter what size your business is. The main mission for NorthBourne Foods is to deliver quality food products alongside with excellent personalized service. Our goal is to development a strong partnership with you and your business so we can come up with solutions for your restaurant’s continued growth and development as well as maintain a strong consistency with quality of food on your menu. The goal for us as a Restaurant Food Supplier is to deliver a specialized selection of quality food products that you can always depend on. AS a Restaurant Supply Houston we also take great pride in counseling new restaurants on the development of their new menu, special products, and cold and hot preparation solutions.

NorthBourne Foods aims to develop a close partnership with each and every customer by bringing value and high quality food products at competitive prices.

No matter how smO-Northbourne Foods-2all or large your business wO-Northbourne Foods-2ill receive five-star service and great food solutions for your business. Restaurant Food Service requires a expertise and knowledge of meat selections including beef, poultry, lamb, pork, and poultry along with produce – including vegetables, fruits. We also have a full understanding of seasonings marinades, and sauces.

North Bourne Foods will provide restaurant or food business with the desired food products that will help you become the best at serving your existing customers and getting new customers which will help you to earn more profit for your business. North Bourne Foods has repeatedly been acknowledged as a leading whole sale food supplier in and around Houston Texas. Their customers are loyal and they know food supplies are never a worry as long as they continue to do business with Noth Bourne Foods.